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Welcome to Frevelo LLP

May 2020

Welcome to the first blog from Francesca and Chris, being Frevelo LLP.

Starting up a business during the Covid-19 pandemic would seem a terrible time to set up a new business.  Or is it?  We have and here we are, full of positivity.

We believe in the professional and personal service we have to offer and we know that we can help small businesses move forward and strive.

May is the month for planning

May has seen a lot uncertainty as to when and how we will all emerge from lockdown and at the time of writing this blog, we are all unsure of how it will work out. Whatever happens, we are not going back to ‘normal’.  We will all strive forward but in different ways and inevitably, there will be winners and losers.

We are already winners.  Winners will be the businesses who are prepared to change, do things differently and come up with new ideas to get around social distancing.

As a nation, we have already proved that we have adapted to work from home, using all the latest technology available to us, especially for meetings.

So, for office workers, my question is why not make this way of working permanent, starting on a part time basis?  This staggers the number of employees in the office and their commute to work.  Let us know what you think and if this does or doesn’t work for your business?

The lockdown has been difficult for everyone, some more than others but out of adversity there are always opportunities.  Let’s tap into these opportunities, change how we work and offer something different. Whether this means winning customers and clients online and changing your current advertising strategy or doing business online rather than […]

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